About Us

From 1998 to 2016, Mr. Leibovic and his team of highly-trained, educated and experienced bi-lingual staff managed the disposition of hundreds of thousands of hospital referrals and private cases of indigent, needy and disabled individuals who required assistance in applying for disability benefits. Mr. Leibovic, as the Director of the Federal Benefits Department at Health Advocates, LLC and Leibovic Law Group, LLP, was directly responsible for overseeing the screening, and case management of hundreds of thousands of cases which were referred directly from the largest hospitals and/or local counties in California for disability evaluation.

Health Advocates is the “vendor of choice” for many of California’s leading and largest public and private hospitals and health systems, as well as majority of the largest counties in California.

As such, all of these hospitals and counties were working in partnership with Health Advocates and sending all of their disabled patients to Avi Leibovic and his team of trained disability experts for disability screening to see if the patients were eligible for Social Security disability benefits or some other benefit program. In short, since 1998, Mr. Leibovic has personally overseen the screening, processing and disposition of over 500,000 Social Security and Medi-Cal disability referrals and cases.

You will not find another attorney who is more qualified to represent your case!

As a result of his extensive experience, he has designed a comprehensive no-fail system for screening new potential cases. Over the course of his career, he has developed a “one-of-a-kind” case acceptance criteria, with his team of trained attorneys and disability specialists on how to expeditiously process applications and appeals, as well as how to build a weak or losing case into a potential winning case.

The specific processes, procedures and techniques which Mr. Leibovic has developed, has made him a noted advocate, public speaker at hospitals, clinics,institutional or county clients, social service conferences and other affiliated disability forums. He has shared his experiences and knowledge with thousands of disability clients and advocates over the years and has successfully built one of the largest disability practices in the United States. Under his vision and leadership, AND BENEFITS FOR ALL, is now available to the general public for assistance in applying for Social Security Benefits.

The mission of AND BENEFITS FOR ALL is to:

  1. Provide Social Security, Medicaid and other public and Third-Party-Payor program Eligibility and Advocacy services to indigent, mentally/physically disabled and/or medically needy individuals so that they can receive the assistance they need during their time of hardship;
  2. Provide comprehensive benefits establishment training and consultation to County workers, Hospitals, Clinics and other Medical Providers; and to
  3. provide qualified, community based advocacy training to educate families and community organizations on how to qualify and receive Social Security Disability benefits and other available Federal and/or State benefits.