You start with a phone call to our office! Our trained staff will interview you and conduct a 15-minute screening of you and the merits of your case. We will tell you right on the spot if we think you have a good case and whether or not to move forward with filing an application.

Filing a first time application vs. filing an appeal on a denied decision are 2 separate processes that each require multiple forms. Our office will navigate you thru this administrative maze and make sure that all of the correct papers are completed and filed in a timely fashion.

Generally, the process starts with a 15 minute screening of you to determine the merits of your case. Once that is completed, our office will assist you in filing an Application, Reconsideration or a Request for Hearing Before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ),

Our office will instruct you which forms to file and what are the proper deadlines for filing these forms. Many of these forms will already be mostly completed for you by our office, so that all that you will need to do is sign the papers.

Our office will contact each of your medical providers and request your most recent medical records so that we can submit them to the local SSA Disability Office. Leave all of the heavy lifting and tedious work of collecting and submitting medical records to us!

Several days before your hearing, one of our experienced attorneys will call you to go over all the facts of your case, and prepare you for the hearing itself. On the day of the hearing, our attorney will be right by your side advocating on your behalf! You will never feel alone or lost when one of our attorneys are by your side and speaking on your behalf directly to the judge.

The SSA Disability process is a legal process. There are rules, regulations and laws which need to be followed and adhered to if you want to successfully win your case. As such, having a skilled attorney by your side is definitely the way to go and will increase your chances of winning your case.