Medical Treatment Follow-up

The most common reason that a case is denied is because the medical records do not support a finding of disability. It is for that reason that we always tell our clients the following:

Medical Records! Medical Records! Medical Records!…The name of the game is Medical Records!

This simple statement could not be truer….

Not only does And Benefits For All assist with completing all the SSA forms, submitting the applications and following-up with the local SSA District Offices, but we also coach our clients on how to obtain medical treatment and to make sure that the medical professional is properly documenting all of the impairments, diagnosis’ and symptoms properly in the medical records. Often, the problem is not that the Client is not seeking follow-up medical treatment, but rather that the medical professional is untrained on how to properly document a medical file so that the patient can get approved for benefits. Some examples include:

  • Is a headache log being recorded in a journal?
  • Has the patient had a recent MRI or Xray?
  • Are all asthma attacks being recorded in a journal?
  • Were proper assistive devices like braces, canes, crutches and wheelchairs prescribed?
  • Is the therapist or psychologist properly documenting all of the symptoms?
  • Has a Residual Function Capacity (RFC) questionnaire been requested and completed properly?
  • Etc.

Equally important is if the Client regularly attending his/her medical appointments? Is the Client going often enough to the doctor? What about medications? Is the Client taking the prescribed medical regiment?

All of these items are crucial for winning a case. Often, the client is not even aware that these little items matter when applying for benefits. The staff at And Benefits For All will work closely with the client to make sure that they are receiving all of the appropriate medical attention in a timely fashion. As stated above:

Medical Records! Medical Records! Medical Records!…The name of the game is Medical Records!

The best way to win a case is to make sure that there are ample medical records so that the medical reviewers at the Disability Determination Services have everything they need from a medical perspective to approve a case. The staff at And Benefits For All will coach our clients so that their medical records are complete and thorough.

One of the areas that SSA spent a lot of time reviewing are Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Do you need assistance getting out of bed in the morning?
  • Are you able to dress without any assistance?
  • Can you bath, groom and take care of your personal needs alone?
  • Are you able to prepare a simple meal on your own?
  • Who does the chores like laundry, dishes, vacuuming and other chores around the house?
  • Can you drive?
  • Do you do your own grocery shopping?
  • Can you handle money on your own?
  • Etc.

ADL’s are a key to winning or losing a case. A Medical Reviewer can often approve or deny a case depending on if a patient can accomplish these tasks unattended or not. In order for the Medical Reviewer to make this determination, however, depends on if there is regular medical treatment and follow-up. If these items are not made clear in the medical records, then a case can easily get denied. For this reason, And Benefits For All is ready, willing and able to assist our clients with making sure that all the medical treatments are timely and that the medical records are complete. Call And Benefits For All today at 1-888-755-0077 for your free screening and consultation!