Application Completion Assistance

When AND BENEFITS FOR ALL accepts a case at the initial application stage, there is ample time to:

  • Build medical history
  • Gather medical records
  • Ensure all forms are filled out correctly
  • Prepare claimant for consultative examinations
  • Develop a strong case

Building a strong case can be a lengthy process. If a claimant comes to us after he or she has already been denied, we may have significantly less time to meet the deadline to appeal and gather the medical evidence needed to win at the hearing level. For this reason, it is better to start the process correctly with our office, rather than come to us for assistance later in the process after you have already been denied.

After conducting the free screening, each case will be reviewed for merits by a Supervisor or Attorney and approved to proceed based on the responses provided by the caller. When appropriate, we will timely initiate a new Application for benefits, a Request for Reconsideration or Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. All SSA forms and documentation will be completed on-line electronically or by hard copy, when original signatures are needed by the Claimant.

In each case, a signed and dated Authorized Representative Form (SSA 1696) will be obtained from the disabled individual so that we can discuss the case with SSA and follow-up on all essential matters relating to the case directly with the appropriate SSA office.

We will remain the Authorized Representative throughout the SSI Eligibility and Appeals process regardless of any changes in region due to a change in residence address. When we have knowledge that a Claimant has moved out of state or will be incarcerated for an extended period of time, the case is reviewed to determine the feasibility of continuing representation and/or if it is still feasible for us to maintain involvement in a case.

For years, the industry was very paper-driven with all pieces of documentation being printed and stored in a hard file. New Technology has allowed us to reduce the amount of paper needed in each file, and all of the work for each case is completed on-line “in the cloud” and is retrievable for any location in a room that has basic access to the internet.

The case file will bear a unique client number. Every folder will include digital copies of all contact letters, all forms filed with SSA as part of the initial Application packet and/or Request for Reconsideration, Request for Hearings forms, correspondence to and from SSA, screening notes and forms, notes taken during the Hearing, and any other pertinent information and documentation related to each referral.

At the initial screening, we will have the client sign all necessary SSA forms so that we can initiate the claim for benefits process as soon as possible. If appropriate, we will file a protective filing with SSA, if we believe that the claim or a month of eligible benefits are at risk due to failure by the individual to sign papers and/or forms. All SSA forms are digitally available in our computer system at this time and can easily merge with pertinent applicant information input to our system. Whenever possible, all of these forms will be completed in advance by our Case Managers for each applicant, so that the applicant will be required only to sign the forms.

At the initial thirty (30) minute screening interview, the client will be advised by a bi-lingual worker verbally and in writing of his/her Eligibility procedures and/or Hearing rights, the approximate time it will take for his/her case to be processed, and the nature of the Eligibility and/or Hearing process. The client will be interviewed to obtain complete medical and vocational history. We currently use screening forms which we have developed and created for our current caseload. The client will also be given a brochure which further explains how to prepare for a Social Security Hearing.

And Benefits For All will take all appropriate measures to ensure that all the necessary documents are obtained and/or all other application deficiencies are corrected, including gathering all documents/information from the patient, other third parties, employers, etc.  We achieve these objectives by figuratively “bonding with the Claimant”, and “stepping into the Claimant’s shoes.” Additionally, we rely heavily on our case managers who are trained to expedite the eligibility application and Appeals processes. Patients are also provided with postage free envelopes for their use and convenience.

The forms signed by the applicant will be added to his/her file, as mentioned above. We will answer any other questions that the applicant may have and will give the client a business card with our address and toll-free “1-888” telephone number. We encourage applicants to call if they have questions. In addition, we will repeatedly contact each client by telephone or letter at least once every thirty (30) days, or sooner, depending on circumstances, to advise the client on the status of his/her Application, Request for Reconsideration or Request for Hearing before an ALJ.

It should be noted, that 70% of all applications for SSI/SSDI benefits are denied at the initial application level. As such, all cases involving any Appeals are reviewed and analyzed based on the facts of each case. Legal analysis is based upon current relevant laws and regulations.

Our legal staff is intimately familiar with the laws and regulations as contained in: Federal Statutes, Code of Federal Regulations, Social Security Regulations and Guidelines and the United States District Court. Our attorneys and legal assistants also monitor changes in the laws and regulations through subscription to legal periodicals and services and through attendance at conferences and seminars. Special emphasis is also focused on Residency, Income and Resources issues.

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