Case Updates and Developments

And Benefits For All understands that clients want to know the current update or development with their case all the time.

Whether it be a change to the worker who is working the case or simply the receipt of medical records to our office, our clients will receive a call and be notified of the event.

Clients are also welcomed to call anytime they want to receive the most current update on their case or if they have any questions.

The And Benefits For All case managers are trained in every aspect of the SSA process and are ready, willing and able to answer any and all questions.

During the process of applying for SSDI or SSI benefits, it is common for SSA to request that our client attend a Consultative Examination (CE) by one of the professional doctors who work for SSA. Our office will set-up the appointment and then remind the client the day before and the day of the scheduled office visit. And Benefits For All understands that many cases are denied, simply because the client failed to attend their CE appointment. For this reason, each CE appointment is logged into our computer database and then monitored to make sure that the appointment is kept in a timely fashion.

Our office will also comply with any and all instructions and deadlines set by the ALJ. If the ALJ leaves the record open at the Hearing so that additional medical documentation can be requested and submitted, And Benefits For All will continue to follow-up and work the case to its conclusion and submit the additional documentation. Our office also strongly believes that each Claimant deserves time real-time updates, and every effort will be made to keep our Claimant up-to-date at each level of development of the case. Over the years, our experience has shown that an updated Claimant is a happy Claimant. The need to keep our Claimant updated to each development of the case, cannot be underestimated.

As a rule, we have a three-tiered system in place at And Benefits For All which acts as a checks and balances and serves as an important Quality Control function for monitoring staff follow-up on cases, individual case deadlines and ongoing referrals. The first-tier consists of the Eligibility or Appeals Case Manager at And Benefits For All who is trained to take action on each account on a daily basis and to check the referral box daily for new referrals. The second-tier involves managers and supervisors whose primary responsibility is to oversee the effective and efficient follow-up of cases. The third-tier is the continuous automated monitoring of all case activity and referrals by our computer database.

The database utilized at And Benefits For All is designed to act as a safety net and quality control system manager of all case activity by alerting staff and key management to any upcoming deadlines, new referrals, the timely processing of contact and follow-up letters, etc..

In addition to the client being updated to any changes, And Benefits For All also realizes how important it is for staff to be regularly updated to any changes in the law or SSA process. For that reason, the following training modules are given to all of our staff:

  • Introduction to Social Security Programs and Benefits;
    • Introduction to Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Programs (citizenship, income, resources, disability linkage, Title II work credits, children/parent cases, etc…);
    • Introduction to Intake/Screening of New Referrals;
    • Introduction to Filing Applications (online and hard copy);
    • Introduction to Filing Request for Reconsiderations (online and hard copy);
    • Introduction to Filing Requests for Hearings (online and hard copy);
    • Introduction to Appeals Council;
    • Introduction to Payments/Fees.
    • Advanced Screening Techniques and Practice Tips;
    • Navigating your way around SSA – Overview of Departments, Hierarchy and Administrative Positions;
    • Understanding SSA Forms – Overview of Essential Forms and How to Complete Them; 
    • POMS – How to Find Them, Understand them and Use Them;
    • Title 2 vs Title 16 Refresher;
    • Advanced Citizenship Screening;
    • Advanced Income/Resources Screening and Calculations;
    • Deeming of Children/Parents Income Resources;
    • Obtaining Medical Records Free of Charge;
    • Reading and Understanding Medical Records;
    • Submitting Medical Records and Other Documentation to SSA/OHO;
    • 5 Step Sequential Evaluation;
    • Disability Listings and Grids;
    • Understanding the Relationship between Medi-Cal Benefits and Social Security Claims;
    • Understanding the Relationship between Medicare Benefits and Social Security Benefits;
    • Review of Deadlines and Good Cause Filings;
    • NICU Cases;
    • Protective Filings;
    • Deceased Claimants and Substitution of Parties;
    • Working with Difficult Claimants and their family members;
    • RFC’s – When and How to Use them and Obtain Them;

And any additional workshops that staff need.

Additionally, And Benefits For All has extensive experience maintaining all legal privileges and rules relating to confidentiality which encompasses extensive orientation and training for each employee who joins our organization, including but not limited to, a required signed confidentiality statement by every employee.

Our staff will receive continuous monitoring and periodic training relating to confidentiality and these privileges. Telephone callers are carefully screened and identified prior to the release of any information. Clients are interviewed in private offices to maintain confidentiality.

In addition, extensive Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training is provided to all staff. All staff members have been trained on to email, fax and conduct telephone and face-to-face interviews in a private, confidential and respectful fashion. All voicemail telephone message boxes and each personal computer is password protected so that the utmost privacy and confidentiality is maintained in and out of the office. Several locked shred basket bins are strategically placed around our office so that any unnecessary Private Health Information (PHI) is properly shredded and removed from the property.

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