Filing and Submission of Forms

At this time, the SSA on-line system available at is only able to accept online applications for the SSDI program. As such, once we receive the signed retainers from our new client, we file the SSDI application online and receive a printed confirmation number which confirms that an application for SSDI benefits was submitted. SSI applications, on the other hand, are not yet accepted online at Therefore, a paper application must be completed and then submitted via US mail to the proper SSA District Office.

All of the necessary forms will be mailed to you once they are completed over the telephone for your review. Our staff will be available to review with you any questions you may have regarding the forms or the signing of forms. You will receive a packet of pre-completed forms to sign at your front door which will include all of the necessary SSA forms to being an initial application or to file an appeal. This packet of forms will include, but are not limited to:

  • SSA-1696 – Appointment of Representative Form;
  • SSA-827 – Authorization to Disclose Information to SSA;
  • HIPAA Form – Authorization to Disclose Information to And Benefits For All;
  • Fee Agreement – Between you and And Benefits For All;
  • Emergency Contact Form – Allowing us to contact and discuss the case with a 3rd party;
  • Other Miscellaneous forms that are necessary to begin the application process.

When appropriate, we will timely submit the Request for Reconsideration to the proper SSA District office and begin a similar follow-up process as was discussed above. Once again, all new medical records will be obtained and any new documentation which needs to be considered by the SSA will be submitted. Our Case Managers will follow up on the Request for Reconsideration until a final determination is made on the request.

In the event that the Request for Reconsideration is denied, our Case Managers will initiate the next level of appeal which is the Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Our staff will follow up to obtained a signed Hearing request SSA form, and the Appointment of Representative form and submit it to the SSA District Office and then follow up with the proper Office of Hearing Operations (OHO). We will determine the reconsideration denial date from the client and/or from a copy of the Notice of Reconsideration denial from the local district office and schedule all deadline and follow-up needs. We will monitor deadlines through data entry and the production of an internally generated SSI/SSDI Hearing deadline report.

From the date that a Request for a Hearing is made until the actual Hearing date, And Benefits For All staff will spend significant time collecting all necessary medical documentation and medical records and submit them electronically to the OHO office so that they can be associated with the Claimant Exhibit File.

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