Benefits Calculations and Follow-up

When will I get my money/benefits?
Did I get all of the money owed to me?
How do they calculate the money?
Was there an overpayment?
Was there an underpayment?
Is there a Representative Payee who was appointed to receive the benefits on behalf of the Claimant? What is a Representative payee?

These are some of the questions which we regularly receive from our Clients after they have been approved for benefits.

The answers to these questions are complex. Suffice it to say, AND BENEFITS FOR ALL will remain on the case until all issues relating the payments of benefits have been resolved.

Generally, an approval letter on each approved case will be produced once a decision has been made and mailed to the Claimant. We will also receive a copy of the approval letter and retain this copy in our case file for future reference.

Our staff will continue to work hand-in-hand with Claimant to make sure that all benefits are received and properly issued in a timely fashion.

We will follow up with the payment center to make sure that Claimant receives the full payment of back benefits owed to him/her for all applicable months, and we will follow up to make sure that Medicaid benefits are issued as well, if the case is approved for SSI.

It is also important to note that Medicare is available to Claimants who are approved for SSDI benefits. Medicare benefits begin 24 months after being found disabled plus a five-month waiting period. So, within 29 months of winning a SSDI claim, the Medicare benefits will activate.

In general, the process of obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits doesn’t end once you have filed your application or even once you have been approved. The conclusion of a case only comes once you have received all of your benefits. And Benefits For All stays on the case until all of the benefits are received. This may require our office calling the local SSA District Office and/or the SSA Payment Center in Baltimore, Maryland. While most cases do not have issues with the benefits being paid and received, it is nonetheless reassuring to the Client to know that they still have their attorneys by their side in the event that there is a problem.

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