Appeal Preparation

When we connect with a potential client before they apply, we have the opportunity to explain the Social Security disability process and educate the client on the complexity of the Social Security approval criteria. Since so many applicants are denied due to lack of preparation, our assistance can greatly improve their chances of being approved.

However, the odds are that based on your Age, Education and Past Relevant Work History that the application will still likely be denied. The average denial rate of 1st time applications is 70%.

Once an applicant is denied, he or she only has 60 days to file an appeal. The 60-day time period begins from the date of the denial notice that SSA sent to your home. Once a client receives a denial letter form SSA, it is imperative that they call our office immediately and send us a copy of the denial letter.

When we accept cases at the initial application stage, we have ample time to:

  • Build medical history;
  • Gather medical records;
  • Ensure all forms are filled out correctly;
  • Prepare claimant for questioning;
  • Develop a strong case.

Building a strong case can be a lengthy process. Unfortunately, if a claimant comes to us after he or she has already been denied, we may have significantly less time to meet the deadline to appeal and gather the medical evidence needed to win at the hearing level.

It is also essential for our office to understand whythe case was denied. Once we know why a case was denied, we can then proceed to strategize how to best appeal the denial. In all cases, there are only a few possible choices why a case was denied:

  • Medical Denial;
  • Citizenship or Residency Denial
  • Excess Income Denial;
  • Excess Resources Denial
  • Failure to complete forms properly or timely;
  • Failure to provide necessary documentation.

And Benefits For All has expertise in appealing all of these above denial reasons. Our office has successfully appealed all of these issues either by requesting a Request for Reconsideration or by Requesting a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. No issue is too small or too difficult for our office.

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