Medical Records Requests

Almost immediately after filing SSA papers on behalf of the Claimant for benefits our staff begins the following medical records follow-up process:

–        In each case, our staff will be trained to follow-up with each participant every 14 days to receive updates on any new medical treatments. All new medical treatments and services must be added to the database notes and the screening sheet.

–        During each phone conversation with a Claimant, our staff will also double check emergency contact information and database notes, if necessary;

–        Each And Benefits For All Case Manager will remind our client that they should be seeking medical treatment during this time and when appropriate we will send out Physical and/or Mental Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) Questionnaires to them and/or their primary treating doctor (if known);

–        Each Case Manager will contact the medical providers given to us by our clients at the time of screening and send them a written letter requesting copies of the pertinent medical records for appropriate dates of time. Our staff will continue to follow up with all medical providers to make sure that all records are send to us in complete form and in a timely fashion.

–        Once all medical records and RFC’s are received they are scanned into our database system for archiving and safety and then electronically sent to SSA using the personal Bar-Code identifier that is provided by SSA for each claim.

–        Our staff will wait for the electronic files to be associated with the proper case and then request an exhibit file to confirm that the new medical records have, in fact, been added to the case file.

–        It is not uncommon for an individual to see multiple providers or to receive treatment in a public hospital or free clinic. And Benefits For All will diligently follow-up with each provider until all medical records are received. NO COSTS are ever billed to our clients for medical record copy costs or shipping of records.

–        If a case goes to hearing and the record is left open by the ALJ, our Case Managers will again continue to follow-up with medical providers to obtain all outstanding or new medical records.

Significant time, effort and staff resources are used to complete the task of obtaining andelectronically submitting medical evidence to SSA and OHO offices. Case Managers and Clerks at And Benefits For All will work hand-in-hand to make sure that this task is performed consistently and comprehensively.

Additionally, once medical records are received, each And Benefits For All Case Manager has been trained on how to read and understand the notations and remarks of the treating physicians. Additional training has been provided on how to scan medical records for duplication and to confirm that the records have been sent in their entirety. Often medical records will be sent incomplete since different parts of the medical records are kept in different parts of a hospital.

In many cases, the medical imaging, X-rays, Lab Results, Discharge planning notes, mental health records, etc. are not included in the general patient file. They must be located and requested separately. Each And Benefits For All Case Manager has received detailed training on how to perform these tasks and how to review, study and submit the medical records.

Collecting medical records in a timely fashion is also a key component successfully winning a claim for benefits. Often, time is of the essence. Many hospitals are backlogged on medical record requests. Additionally, many small clinics or private doctor office are understaffed and unable to comply with the request. If we were to wait for each provider to send us the medical records based on a simple medical record request, we might as well just close all of our cases since we will never get them. Instead, we are proactive on obtaining the medical records we need. Our team of Field Representatives will personally go to the hospitals, clinics or treating physician offices to obtain the difficult to collect – but essential – medical records. Call And Benefits For All today at 1-888-755-0077 for your free screening and consultation!